Email Marketing

Create, Send, Track and Generate Leads through targeted email marketing

The most popular and the effective digital marketing channel is email marketing. With the age of social media and other new digital channel email marketing is still the favorite tool of a marketer to open up new business opportunities.

We are proud of our email marketing because:

  • We are result oriented: On month on month we deliver more than 750 leads for our clients. All these sales ready leads are result of 10 years of email marketing expertise and the industry knowledge that our team brings to the table.
  • We have the right people to do the job: email marketing is one of our core solutions and is headed by the strongest team. We have experts in terms of Designto bring the most effective and esthetic way of conveying your message, Deliveryexerts to make sure your messages are being sent to inboxes of recipients and Analysts to guide you in the direction to drive the desired results.
  • We have the right audience for your business: We have 6 Million Indian data, 15 Million International data for you to pick the desired target audience. Our database is updated every month to ensure we drive the results that you expect.

Under email marketing we also provide:

  • Email auditing
  • Email designing
  • Email hosting
  • Branding campaign
  • Opt in campaigns

With our email marketing experts turn your target audience into potential customers

Our Email Marketing Specialist

Our Design Specialist

  • Email marketing templates
  • What are Best practices of email marketing?
  • Get the count for your target audience


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