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Google alone process nearly 40,000 searches per second. Nearly 575 new websites are being created and hosted every day. These numbers itself is your calling card for getting your website Search Engine Optimized. SEO not only helps you to make your website easily found during search but also easily understood by their user, which is your customer.

Our team takes a very unique approach for SEO:

  • Optimize for your customers: We believe in optimizing the website for your clients and not for Google or Yahoo or Bin. The whole purpose of optimization is to make your website easy for your customers to access and understand. With this as the objective we are able to achieve desired results on the search engine
  • Ethical optimization and best practices: We always take the ethical approach to achieve the results on search engine, because we want our clients to enjoy the benefits of SEO for a long time and in a safe environment
  • Involve with client individually: We assign each client a dedicated SEO expert to understand client’s need and expectation to plan or to modify the plan to suit the need of the client. This helps us to deliver the best results and this helps our clients stay in control of their business.

Under SEO solutions we also provide

  • PPC campaigns
  • Search Engine Auditing
  • SEO consultation
  • Web Monitoring
  • Online Reputation Management

Well planned SEO can help your website showcase your items and services to your intended interest group in a more development mechanical way and at ThoughtRacks we know how to do it professionally.

Find out how our Guaranteed Organic SEO Services can help your website rank higher.

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