Social Media Marketing

Make your customers a part of your Brand with right Social Media Strategy

15 million brands across the globe as gone social by 2014, 2 million in the past 3 months alone. This is a significant number for any business owner to start strategizing his social media campaign. But each business as its own unique need, hence all social media websites are not the ideal solution for all businesses. It’s important for business owners to pick that right media for their success.

At ThoughtRacks we build Social Media campaigns depending on

  • Where your target audiences are: With more than 200 social media platform, we take the approach of understanding your target group behavior as which social media channel makes more sense for your business to adopt.
  • What’s your objective in Social Media: Each social media channel has its own set of target audience and followers and hence it’s important to understand the objective you are trying to achieve through social media channels.
  • Your Brand culture and policies: Each business is unique in terms of its operation. And hence the same to be maintained in the social media campaigns. We planning social media campaigns without extensively challenging culture of a company, because we understand the importance of your business culture for you and your clients.

Under Social Media Marketing we also provide:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media paid campaigns
  • Designs and Developments
  • Social Auditing
  • Social Media intelligence

How effective is your social media presence? Speak to our Social Media team and get the best out of your Facebook, Twitter, linked in and other channels.

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